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Know who makes our clothes, dyes the fabric, weaves the yarn, grows the fibres.

We'll never use ignorance as an excuse for exploiting cheap labour anywhere in our supply chain.



When using new materials we'll find out where and how they’ve been farmed, dyed and finished and that this is done without harm to the environment.

Reduce the journey of supplies, materials and product.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Make stuff people will want to keep

Provide an excellent fit.

Everything must be well made and made to last.

Designs that are aesthetically pleasing in their own right, not trend led.

If something you bought from us needs repairing we'll be happy to help.


Reduce landfill

Save fabrics and clothing from the bin.

Separate waste, recycle, compost.

Design products that can make use of the waste we generate.

Packaging: reduce it, use recycled or repurposed, make it reusable.



Customers should be able to quickly and easily find out and understand how and where their clothes have been made.

Help people understand the importance of genuinely sustainable clothing.

Help other businesses to do the same.